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1993 - Penine Alps Expedition Members

Ian Barr

James More

Graham Stoddart

Graeme Robinson

Douglas Anderson

David Cumming

William Cooper

Ross MacLennan

Fraser Runciman

Iain Vize

Bobby Whyte

Keith Wilkinson

Ronnie Winton


1993 - Penine Alps Expedition Photos

An important part of the expedition was the training weekends leading up to the actual trip itself. These helped the team to learn, and bond, and allowed us to become familiar with each others little character quirks - important when you're going to spend two weeks in the mountains together!
This pic is from the 93 Cairngorm training weekend, and shows a bit of impromptu survival bag sledging. Not sure why it never made it to the winter olympics!

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1993 - Penine Alps Expedition Photos

Thanks to James More for providing these images and text...

Classic "mummy frightener" photo.

The man himself with where we're headed in the background.

Leader team of Ian Barr, Graeme Stoddart, Graeme Robinson, and James More, with the Matterhorn in the background.

The expedition snowman. This became a bit of a tradition in the later trips. Always a novelty building a snowman in mid July! This one even had the pipe!



1993 - Scottish Scout Expedition to Russia

Joint Scottish/Russian expedition with 17 Venture Scouts plus seven leaders.
Culminated in an ascent of Mount Elbrus.