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1976 - Arctic Norway Expedition - Members & Gallery


Left to Right: Robert Allan, Stewart Macintyre, John Liddell, Ian Barr


Expedition Members:


Ian Barr

N W MacDonald

Barbara Barr

Cathie Storrie


Ian Guthrie

Stewart MacIntyre

John Hunter

Peter Stewart

Robert Allan

Ian Goodrick

John Liddell

Eric Lymburn

William Wilson


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1976 - Hannibal's Route Across the Cottian Alps from France into Italy

Text of Part 1 of the expedition write up by JTK Barr

The Hannibal Trail (Part 1)
[First published in the Paisley Daily Express, 24 September 1976]

As we rounded the corner of the poorly surfaced road, the prospect facing us was, to say the least, daunting.

Beyond the pines still clothing the steep valley sides. the immense bulk of Mount Vise soared 12,600ft. into the blue sky, its lower slopes steep and rocky, its upper regions clothed in snow-fields and glaciers.

This peak was the highest in the region, but a jagged ridge, marking the border between France and Italy, ran from the mountain in a north-westerly direction and averaging 11,000ft. in height.

Somewhere along that ridge, but hidden from us by a bend in the valley, would be the pass we had come to cross - the 10.000ft. Col de la Traversette.

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