The Ian Barr Archive

Currently in storage, the archive consists of masses of paperwork, photographs, slides and documents.

For each of the 40-odd expeditions, the collection includes:

  • Paperwork, letters, visa applications and other documents
  • Background information on the countries to be visited
  • Expedition Brochure as given to each member, with routes, history and detailed instructions
  • Boxes of slides recording each expedition photographically
  • Detailed expedition reports, as submitted to various newspapers and magazines
  • Cuttings of press coverage from before, during and after each expedition

Above: Some of the press cuttings books

Above: Selection of paperwork from organising the 1967 expedition overland to the Middle East.

Note letters from Israeli, Bulgarian and Lebanese embassies, plus letter from the Royal Palace at Amman, Jordan.

We are currently investigating possible permanent homes for the collected material.